March 16, 2024

FWCC Section Meeting

via Zoom

Living the Spirit of Ubuntu

“We are the body of Christ and individually members one of another” Romans 12:4-5

“Love your neighbors as yourself” Matthew 2:39

A one day online gathering for fellowship, connection, study, worship, and business.

The FWCC Section Meeting is a great opportunity to witness the true diversity of Quakers in the Americas.

The event will be in English and Spanish with live interpretation to help you engage with Spanish-speaking Friends. 

Participation in the Section Meeting is free and open to all.  However, gifts of any amount to help cover the cost of hosting the event are welcome and appreciated.

If you are led/able, we estimate the costs to be $40 per person ($80 should you wish to also "Sponsor a Friend" who cannot afford a gift.)  

Just click the “Donate” button below and select the “Section Meeting Support Fund” and Thank You!"