JuMP in Oncology and Hematology

Junior Mentoring Program


Attention new practitioners in oncology & hematology!

Are you a medical oncologist or a hematologist in your first three years of practice? Did you know that you could be a mentee in an upcoming Junior Mentoring Program (JuMP)?

JuMP is an engaging, interactive program that is designed to accelerate your clinical and professional development.

Apply today to become a mentee!

Engage with and learn from medical oncology and hematology experts from across the country at a prestigious national meeting for promising clinicians early in their careers.


Oncology & Hematology - Upcoming Programs TBD


"The mentorship program did positively impact my career, as it helped to prepare me for the stresses that can come as a junior faculty member in a new centre. I continue to use this information as I am presented with new challenges."

Ashley Davidson, MD (BCCA/Fraser Valley Centre)

"The mentorship program has certainly impacted my career. It was an excellent networking opportunity and I received wonderful advice regarding my career and balancing it with my personal life. I remain in touch with several of the residents (now staff) who attended the program with me."

Erin Powell, MD (Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre)

"The mentorship program was a useful program that emphasized the importance of mentorship in building one's career. I found the discussions insightful and I have taken some lessons and incorporated them into my career."

Michael Ong, MD (Royal Marsden Hospital, London, England)

"It was an excellent program with excellent examples of mentoring. I felt it was a great turning point in my early career since I felt a bit overwhelmed during that time in my career. The advice I received really helped me shape my career."

Howard Lim, MD (BCCA/Vancouver Centre)