World War II


This website provides an amazing collection of resources on eras in US history. Each era includes articles, documents, events, art & culture, and links to other websites.


This site features WWII articles on Franklin D. Roosevelt, First One Hundred Days, Albert Einstein ,Manhattan Project, J. Edgar Hoover, War in Europe, Adolph Hitler, The Holocaust, Pearl Harbor, World War II, War in the Pacific, Rosie the Riveter, Harry S Truman and the Atomic Bomb.


This encyclopedia includes an overview article on the entire war and well as smaller articles on specific topics such as events, people, and technology.


Articles & Artifacts

This site features articles about important events, people, and technology during WWII. As well as photographs of artifacts featured in the museums collection. Good for searching and browsing for information.

Women in WWII

This site focuses on women's roles in WWII. It features resources an propaganda, work done by women, and profiles of influential women.

National Museum of the US Air Force

Provides photo galleries and descriptions of the WWII exhibits featured in the Museum. Topics include aircraft, weapons, battles and the Pacific and in Europe, and topics of special interest.

World War II in Europe

This site has a lot of resources on the holocaust and a page with resources about WWII in Europe.


Duke Digital Repository

This collection features advertising and propaganda in the United States during WWII.

National WWII Museum Digital Exhibit

Includes examples of propaganda from the Allied forces and captions providing context to the images.

This site focuses on the psychological warfare used by the US and its opponents starting with WWI and continuing to the present day. Their collection includes leaflets and posters from both the Allies and Axis powers.

Library Collections

Catalog Search

This is a great resource for primary source documents, including photographs, film clips, and text documents. Be sure to select available online when searching.

Yale Law School Library

This is an online collection of primary source documents, which have been translated to English and grouped by subject. It includes speeches by Roosevelt and Hitler, declarations of war, and peace treaties.

Video Resources

The History Guy - YouTube

The History Guy had created a collection of documentary videos covering seldom discussed people and events during WWII.

YouTube Channel

World War Two dives into the history of one of the most devastating wars in human history. Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson and their team of dedicated historians cover the events of World War Two week by week in realtime , current coverage includes 1939 - May 1940. They take an in-depth look at the war against humanity, key figures in all camps, military hardware, impact on culture, military strategies and life at the home fronts or under occupation.

WWII Leaflets Episode

This episode covers a leaflet campaign conducted by the US in Japan during WWII.

Khan Academy - WWII

Provides video lectures giving a general overviews of the major events of WWII.

Netflix Documentary

Footage of the most dramatic moments from World War II is restored in color and high definition for this historical documentary series.