Name: Mary Barrs

Email Address:

Phone number: (510) 657-9155 x49104

Daily Checker

Robertson High School Attendance Clerk

This is my 10th year at Robertson High School. I love coming to work everyday. I look forward to getting to know you and your student. Please call me or stop by if you have any questions.

Reporting an Absence

If your student is absent, please call the attendance line at 657-9155. This is a 24-hour message line. Messages are checked several times during the day. Please call each day your student is absent.

A phone call or written note is required to clear an absence. If absences are not cleared by the end of the school day, the absence is recorded as Truant/Unexcused. You will receive a recorded message from our automated calling system if your student has missed one or more periods. If your student believes the absence mark was made in error, please have the student report to Student Office for instructions on clearing the absence. Failure to clear an unexcused absence will result in truancy.

Homework Requests

Homework can be requested for excused absences by emailing teachers.

Please remember to keep Emergency Card information updated with any new phone numbers or address changes.

For specific policy information, please refer to FUSD's Parent/Guardian & Student Handbook and Notice of Rights & Responsibilities.

Please create a Parent Portal . You will need an Activation Code to sign up. Please email me and I will reply with your Activiation Code.