Learning Spanish

Your textbook should be your primary resource for learning Spanish. It has the vocabulary and grammar structures you will be expected to learn in class. Other resources on this page will support your learning but may include vocabulary or grammar you have not been introduced to yet. The more you challenge your brain and engage with the language the faster you will learn.

Library Books

We have a collection of bilingual dictionaries and fiction books in Spanish to help you practice reading and build your vocabulary.

Online Dictionaries

Research Resources

We currently have to reading levels of this online encyclopedia, Primaria and Secundaria. It includes biographies, country information, and more.

World Culture Research Database

This resource is new this year! Using it you can find information, recipes, videos, images , and more about cultures all over the world.

Learning Spanish With YouTube

Senor Jordan

A quirky and funny way to strengthen your grammar and vocabulary.

The Web Spanish School

Videos for basic to intermediate level students. Includes idiom explanations.

Butterfly Spanish

"Learn and improve your Spanish vocabulary, phrases, grammar, pronunciation and tips with these useful lessons. "

The Spanish Dude

Spanish lessons from someone who also had to learn the language.

Popular Spanish YouTubers


This Chilean YouTuber creates funny skits but talks fast.


This channel is created by a group of Mexican siblings sharing about their lives, travel, and show business.

Luan Palomera

Mexican-American YouTuber who love pranks and recording what people say and do in awkward situations.


A top Spanish YouTuber from Mexico who creates videos on beauty, fashion, and relationships.

Websites to Help You Study


This is a free app and website that you can use to help you practice vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

The BBC has created a some great resources like crosswords, lessons, and links to popular Spanish news sites.

Tools and games to help you study vocabulary, conjugate verbs, and more.

Public Library Resources

Alameda County Library has some amazing resources to help you learn Spanish. You will need your library card number, if you do not have a ACL library card you can apply for one on there website and get immediate access to these resources.

"Pronunciator is a fun and free way to learn any of 87 languages with self-directed lessons, live teachers, movies, music, and more."

"The TumbleBook Library is a collection of Spanish TumbleBooks (animated, talking picture books) TumblePuzzles, and TumbleQuizzes "

On-line Spanish and Mexican international newspapers.