Teacher: Mr. Eric Bables


Distance Learning 2020 -2021

Dear Brookvale Parents,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! My name is Eric Bables and I will be your child’s computer teacher. I am looking forward to meeting your child virtually since we are teaching using a Distance Learning model. In accordance with District guidelines, half of class time will be spent on live instruction via Zoom and/or Google Meet, and the other half will be for asynchronous (independent) learning.

Class Description:

This class provides students with the opportunity to learn, review, and extend their knowledge on multiple applications and technology skills including but are not limited to, touch typing, Google Drive productivity software (documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, etc.), and other coding and other District approved computer applications. Lessons are based on state and district technology standards.

Student Behavior:

Students are expected to…

  • Come to the class sessions on time, stay muted for instructions, and be prepared to learn.

  • Have a positive attitude and try! Have patience - it’s a learning process.

  • Ask questions when they do not understand something.

  • Be respectful. Be kind. Be on-topic.

  • Avoid distracting gestures, bad language, negative remarks, and put downs (towards other people and themselves!).

  • Have a learning environment without distractions.

  • Obey the school rules (e.g. no cheating).

  • Keep personal information (like passwords) private.

Not following these rules, depending on the severity, can result in consequences such as verbal warnings, calls home, and/or referrals.


Students are recommended to have access to the following: at least 2 writing utensils ready to use and binder paper or notebook. Over time, upper grade students will learn how to take and annotate electronic notes.

Zoom: In order for Zoom to run smoothly, please download the app onto your computer. Using the web-based version may cause problems. Also, I recommend that your child type on a physical keyboard, not on a tablet, especially for keyboarding skill building.

1. Computer Prep Teacher’s Zoom Meeting Link (my Zoom meeting link was provided to you by your classroom teacher)

a. PLEASE REVIEW: Basic Zoom (Web): . ALL students and parents should familiarize themselves with these basic Zoom functions. Your student should know how to: open the chat, copy and paste, share their screen, mute and un-mute themselves, and turn their cameras on and off.

Google Classroom:

1. Google Classroom (login from web). Your child will need the following:

a. Google username and password (given by classroom teacher)

b. Google Classroom join link/code (provided in first Zoom meetings)

c. Google Chrome browser

d. Google Classroom URL:

1. Google Classroom (Login with Clever)

a. Instructions:

If your child still needs assistance, please email me at

Thank you for your support and patience.


Eric Bables

Computer Specialist

Brookvale Elementary

Scratch Programming