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INTERACT Mobile™, the latest innovation by Fulcrum Interactive, is a unified communication platform as a service, (UCPaaS) the next-gen in business communication, and a personalized customer engagement solution, all in one cloud platform. Communication and engagement designed for the mobile ecosystem.

SMS Waiting Line Software for Colleges & Universities

Student Q™

Student Q™ SMS queue management software, goes beyond the virtual waiting line for colleges and universities by meeting the mobile technology expectations of today's "always connected" students.

Mobile One Stop Express is flexible easy to configure platform that integrates the richness of the mobile web with the speed and precision of SMS messaging, enhancing engagement through the mobile experience.

Design with Higher Education in Mind

Intradepartmental student flow management designed to create a seamless student-centered customer service journey across multiple departments. Resulting in:

  • 99% Student Satisfaction Rate.
  • 90% Increase in Productivity.
  • 95% Less Time Standing in line.
  • 75% Less Walk Aways.

COURT Q™ - Court Case Queue Management & Digital Workflow Automation for the High Performance Court

Court Q's integrated suite of automated Court queue management solutions is designed to optimizing existing workflow through digital automation, in turn, gaining operational efficiencies over paper-based workflows, saving staff time and lowering the court's Clearance Rate. Court Q is designed to meet the High Performance Court Framework.

About Us

Fulcrum Design, LLC is a boutique interactive software development and consulting firm, incorporated in 2001. Over the past two decades, we have earned a reputation for delivering transformative customer engaging, scalable solutions, that drive workflow efficiencies for high volume service sectors, such as:

  • Global sports entertainment research and development partner ESPN's Interactive TV.
  • Interactive mobile campaign development for nationally renowned marketing and event management firms.
  • The first digital waitlist and text pager app adopted by national restaurant and entertainment groups, Top Golf and Dave & Busters.
  • Automated customer flow management software for Santa sets across the U.S. and Australia, optimizing the throughput for 38,000 families waiting to visit with Santa (in eight weeks).
  • Public sectors mobile engagement, customer queue management systems for higher education, municipalities and most recently driving digital transformation in state and municipal courts.

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