Instructional Technology

Fallbrook Union High School District

Instructional Technology Coach 2020-2021


The vision of ongoing instructional technology support through the end of the year is a staff who is collaborative, innovative, and willing to take chances on trying new things in an effort to continually support all of our students with special consideration for our English learners, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and special education students. Our vision extends to students and parents who have the resources and information available to be educated consumers and navigators of distance learning via google classroom.


Provide teachers, paras, students, and parents with the compassion, patience, support, and guidance to better navigate universal lesson design through the lens of remote learning opportunities: google classroom and packet development, while validating the professionalism and innovation of our staff and students.

Execution of our mission includes the following key components:

  1. Individual support to teachers. This one on one or group support can be coordinated and facilitated by the tech. coach, by the teacher reaching out with questions, or by admin. requesting a teacher to work with a tech. coach on a specific area.

  2. Monthly assessment of the progress and capacity of teachers, paras, students, and parents.

    1. AVID 4As framework incorporated into monthly assessment and self reflection for teachers.

  3. Bi-weekly planning based on feedback to structure the support for the following two weeks.

  4. Bi-weekly videos/resources provided as a guidance for the focus of the week. All videos incorporate the AVID 4A framework and vision and mission for tech. coaches.

Bi-Weekly Needs Assessment

What do our parents need and want for their students during this time?

What do our students need and want during this time?

What do our teachers need and want during this time?