Mr. Jones' Class

I'm done with ALL my work, now what do I do???

I'm sure many of you are eager for more things to do since you cannot be at school, here's a list of some ideas for you:

  • Take a virtual tour of a museum! There are many museums offering free tours. Check out this website for information on museums throughout the world.

  • Research topics you are interested in! You quite literally have a world of information at your fingertips! Make a presentation and share it with your family, friends and me! Possible ideas: Solar system, Historical events, weather patterns and events, animals, geography (practice those states! If you know the states, learn their capitals), make music! Check out our MEDIA CENTER WEBSITE and Ms. Reed's suggestions. And check Ms. Reed's STUDENT RESOURCES website

  • Want something a little different? Try listening to a podcast (someone telling you a story). There are A LOT of different podcasts out there, I'd suggest starting HERE.

  • Explore more information on topics we've learned about! DUCKSTERS is always a good place to start! You can even explore topics we don't learn about!

  • Get outside for some fresh air! If your parents can take you to one of the nearby nature trails , go and explore! There are many that are a short drive from Flemington, and one of my absolute local favorites is right down the block: Morales Nature Preserve (across the street from Mine Brook Park). Just remember to practice social distancing!

  • WRITE!!!! Keep a journal of your daily events! These are incredibly unusual times we're living in right now, document what's going on in your life and the world! Need to "escape" from reality? Write a fictional story!

  • Take a break from Tik-Tok and check out these live stream videos: Eagle Cam from nearby Duke Estates in Hillsborough, NJ! (I'll add more soon!)

  • Stay out of mom and dad's hair!

Do you have other ideas??? Let me know!

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