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Team 7-3 Site!!!

The teachers on Team 7-3 are excited to begin the 2021-2022 school year with our newest JP Case Tigers!

To view the individual website of any teacher on Team 7-3, click on the green button below each teacher's picture below. A new page will open and you will be redirected to that individual teacher's school website. There, you can access homework information, course content information, important notes from the teachers, and even student blog pages!

Email addresses are also listed and linked below. In an effort to control SPAM, our district no longer provides direct links to staff e-mail accounts. To e-mail the team teachers, please use the e-mail ID noted below and add @frsd.k12.nj.us.

The Team 7-3 Back to School Night Presentation

Click on the link above to access the presentations given by the Team 7-3 Teachers on September 20th!

Video Presentations for Mrs. Holthaus, Mr. Miller, Ms. Sladky, and all Related Arts Classes can be found here.

THE 2021-2022 TEAM 7-3 TEACHERS

Mr. Boelhouwer

Social Studies

email ID: pboelhou

Mr. Cahill


email ID: wcahill

Mrs. Hand

ELA, and ICS ELA, Math, SS

email ID: ghand

Mrs. Kodidek


email ID: skodidek

Mr. McCarty

Mathematics and ICS Sci, SS

email ID: emccarty

Mrs. Meyer

English/Language Arts

email ID: mmeyer


Students on Team 7-3 may also be enrolled in 7th Grade Math with Mrs. Holthaus and/or English/Language Arts with Mr. Miller. You can access their websites and note their email ID's are noted below.

Mrs. Holthaus

Mathematics (SWS)

email ID: kholthau

Mr. Miller

English/Language Arts (SWS)

email ID: rmiller


Students on Team 7-3 may also be enrolled in the English Language Learner's Program with Ms. Sladky or Passages, an English/Language Arts course with Mr. Vita. Email ID's are noted below along with linked websites for both of these teachers.

Ms. Sladky

English Lang. Learner's Class

email ID: ssladky

Mr. Vita

Stretch and Passages (ELA)

email ID: mvita


For both their 7th and 8th grade years, your child will be supported by Mrs. April Kay, the 7th Grade Vice Principal, and by Mrs. Amy Lopez, the 7th Grade School Counselor, Email ID's for both are noted below.

Mrs. Kay

7th Grade Vice Principal

email ID: akay

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Mrs. Lopez

7th Grade School Counselor

email ID: alopez4

Team 7-3 Students: Please click on the green button below and complete the accompanying Form when Mrs. Lopez visits your Tutorial!