Mrs. Coster's Website

Check out this video on Discalculia and start at minute 16 to learn how you can help your student through math games

Wonderful ideas and information!

Mrs Coster's Homework Page (best method of contact)

We just read the Math Curse in class. Listen to it here

Our Math Curriculum:The district uses EnvisionMath 2.0. The online component is, which offers access to the online textbook, homework, and tutorials.

Support for your student:

Virtual Nerd ( to get some help with any topic. We will practice using this tool in class

BouncePages app to use with the Envision textbook. This app provides videos and support for the pages with the icon.

Knewton, also through Envision, provides adaptive and customized practice for your student.

XtraMath ( is a free program to help students with the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.

Parents, What YOU Can Do:

Support your student with positive reinforcement and healthy, constructive criticism.

Provide a quiet place to study at home and check in with your student daily about assignments

Utilize the resources provided. We will be using them in school as well, so it should create a sense of fluidity and strengthen the home-school connection.

Use your student’s google classroom info to see on a daily what is going on in their classes

Email me with questions or concerns- I am here to help!