EWeek at Frontier Academy

Welcome to EWeek (Elective Week) for October 2018.

EWeek students will sign up online. A lottery system will assign you to your top choice of class, as available.

The process is:

  • Mon, Sep 24. In Access, students will receive paper course descriptions (the EWeek Ticket) and take them home to parents.
  • Tues, Sep 25. We open the online signup for your top 5 choices for a class. The signup link will be on this page, beginning Tues, 25 and ending Sat, Sep 29. This is NOT first-come first-served.

The selection process happens via an electronic program after the signup closes on Sat Sep 29 at midnight.

  • Rosters will be posted on the office window at 7:00 Mon, Oct 1. Because of privacy considerations, these will not be posted online.
    • Mon Oct 1, 3:18. Mandatory orientation meeting #1 with your EWeek teacher during Access. Notify coaches that you might be late to practice. Bring your signed EWeek ticket to your EWeek teacher.
  • Tues, Oct 2. Students return all permission slips (and possible fees) to the teacher they have been assigned.
  • Thurs Oct 11. Mandatory orientation meeting #2 with your EWeek teacher during Access.
  • Oct 15, 16, 17, 18. EWeek classes 7:30-3:45 (unless otherwise scheduled, as with camping, etc.)

The EWeek online sign up is only available September 25-29. This is the only way to select your class.

The course descriptions are on the EWeek Ticket (starting Sep 24). The paper version must be signed and returned on the morning of Mon, Oct 1.

Complete both the online signup and the paper ticket!