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The annual Richter Day on April 26 and the Society of the Friends of Charles F. Richter were established by Anne Koch Jantzen of the Friends of Chrisholm Historic Farmstead and Terry Stephens, an Earth Science and Physics teacher at Edgewood High School, in April of 2011. The purpose of Richter Day and the Society was to make Charles Richter’s life and legacy better known in his Butler County, Ohio, birthplace and beyond. The Richter Day event, held annually on Richter’s birthday of April 26, is supported by both the Friends of Chrisholm Historic Farmstead and MetroParks of Butler County.

Richter’s name is associated around the world with earthquakes because in 1935 he developed the scale to measure them. But very few people, even those who have lived in Butler County or Ohio all their lives, are aware that this great man was one of our neighbors. Most people presume that since he lived and worked in California that he was probably born there and some may even attribute his interest in earthquakes to the Great San Francisco earthquake of 1906. But as you have learned, the facts are even more interesting!

If you have viewed the video, Celebrating Richter and/or read his brief biography, and plan to participate in at least one suggested Richter Day activity to keep Richter’s legacy alive then you are eligible to be a member of the Friends of Charles F. Richter Society. As a member in the Richter Society, you have no dues and no meetings but pledge to enthusiastically share Richter’s story with others.


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