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July 2022 Update

Projects Timeline

Summer 2022 Paving: Colts Neck, Freehold, Howell, Manalapan. Roofing: Freehold Township, Marlboro. Summer 2023: Paving: Freehold Township and Marlboro. Roofing: Colts Neck, Freehold, Howell and Manalapan

November 3, 2021

Dear Freehold Regional Community,

Thank you for supporting our students, thank you for trusting our school district, and thank you for taking the time to participate in yesterday's election. I am happy to announce that voters approved the Freehold Regional High School District’s critical infrastructure referendum with 58.82% voting in favor of the proposal. I am so proud to be a part of a community that believes in the value of providing a well-rounded educational experience for our students in well-maintained facilities.

Our immediate plan is to move forward with the issuance of the bonds. When those are obtained we will be able to move forward to complete the roofing and paving projects. Thanks to the referendum’s passage, this work will be completed with the state of New Jersey picking up 40% of the bonds’ costs, and without directly impacting our annual operating budget, a great advantage, especially while our state aid continues to be reduced under S2. Rest assured, we will continue our tradition of fiscal responsibility in completing these projects and crafting future operating budgets.

I would be remiss if I did not thank our Board Members and community members for their hard work supporting this referendum. You spent so much of your time sharing information about our referendum with your fellow community members, and we thank you so much for your support. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

This was a long journey, and I am happy to see the Freehold Regional continuing in the right direction. Once again, thank you for all that you do - and have always done - to support the students of the Freehold Regional High School District.


Charles B. Sampson, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Sampson provides an overview of the referendum to residents

Why is the Freehold Regional High School District having a bond referendum?

The District has critical, urgent infrastructure needs, including roofing and paving projects, that must be addressed. There are two ways in which a school district can pay for these projects - through bond referendum or through the annual operating budget. In the Freehold Regional's situation, the hardship of losing approximately $30 million in state aid under Senate Bill 2 (S2), makes it impossible to include this work in our annual operating budget without having to make significant cuts elsewhere. As a result, the Freehold Regional High School District is seeking voter approval on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, on a referendum to issue bonds to complete this work.

What is included in the referendum and how much are the bonds?

The District is addressing the most critical infrastructure areas for inclusion in this referendum. Urgent roofing replacements and paving work at each high school will be completed. The bonds will be for $14.46 million.

If voters approve the referendum, the State of New Jersey will pick up 40% of the bonds' cost, meaning the work will cost the Freehold Regional $8.68 million instead of the full $14.46 million.

If the referendum is approved, the impact on the FRHSD portion of a resident's property tax bill is an estimated increase of less than 1/2 of 1%.

As many of you know, FRHSD attempted to previously pass two referendums. We listened to our residents’ concerns about the costs and projects associated with those previous proposals and as such have dramatically reduced the overall scope for this proposal. Gone are the upgraded classroom spaces, turf fields, among other items that made up the previous $39.79 million and $42.01 million proposals. Our proposed referendum’s $14.46 million budget contains only critical, urgent infrastructure needs related to roofing and paving.

The choice is up to you!

This work is CRITICAL and will be completed no matter what. The question for voters is how it will be funded...

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