Fremont County #24

District Report Card

Superintendent, Bruce Thoren

Our District Report Card provides information on how well our district is performing. Parents, students and stakeholders can use the report card to better understand how students are performing and how money is being spent in our district. The data also provides information for school staff that helps to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

For questions or clarification regarding the District Report Card, please contact Bruce Thoren at (307) 876-2583.


We empower all learners to succeed in an ever-changing world.


Our mission is to partner with students, parents, staff, and community, as learners together, to create a safe, progressive educational experience where students are inspired to reach their full potential, and success is an expectation for all.

Shoshoni PreK-12 Schools Mission

We are dedicated to educating and preparing ALL students for success at high levels.

Shoshoni PreK-12 Schools Vision

We will become the highest performing district in Fremont County while inspiring pride in learning.

Shoshoni PreK-12 Values

        • We commit to monitoring each student’s learning and use proficiency-based evidence to meet individual student’s needs and improve teaching practices.
        • We commit to seeking out research-proven practices to monitor and support student learning.
        • We commit to a sense of honesty, respect, and accountability even during difficult discussions to help achieve our mission and vision.
        • We commit to communicate with stakeholders about students’ progress.
        • We will hold one another mutually accountable for a culture that is relationship driven, caring, open to taking risks, and ensures learning with a growth mindset.
        • We commit to celebrating success, big or small, and encouraging students to achieve.
        • We commit to holding students and staff to high expectations driven by ongoing reflection.
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