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WELCOME BACK Freire Scholars! We cannot tell you all how excited we are over having you back in the building for the start of a new academic school year. We missed you all greatly. The last time we were all together is somewhere around March 12, 2020. How unique is that? Much has happened while we were away; our world has changed, the way we live and socialize has changed, entertainment has changed, and attending school and school itself has changed! You’ve changed! So much has changed! Even our care and concern for you have changed to a deeper level. Our commitment to your learning is greater than ever before. While we were away, daily conversations among the staff were held trying to create solutions on how to best accommodate you all WHEN we return back to the building. So much has been done to create a safe and comfortable learning environment for you all. We understand the unique time we’re in and changes come about. If at any time you become uncomfortable, please reach out to a staff member and we will work together to ease your concerns. We want you all safe, happy, and learning. We want to leave you with this quote and encourage you to meditate on it throughout the school year, “Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.” (Steve Maraboli)

-A message from Mr. JB

WEEK AHEAD - November 22-27

Stand Against Hate and Violence Toward People of Asian and Pacific Islander Descent


Over the past twelve months, there has been a dramatic increase in hate crimes and violence perpetrated against individuals of Asian & Pacific Islander (AAPI) heritages across the country. Fueled by misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, political rhetoric, and a history of anti-Asian racist violence, these incidents have skyrocketed, increasing by over 150% in major cities. Stop AAPI Hate reported over 2,583 anti-Asian hate crimes between March and August of last year alone, and these incidents are historically grossly underreported.

Violence has continued in recent weeks with multiple attacks against Asian businesses and individuals, many of them elderly, including the horrific murder of Vicha Ratanapakdee, an 84-year-old man, in San Francisco, and the subsequent diminishment of the crime by the local district attorney. Many of these incidents have received very limited coverage in mainstream media.

As our work as an aspiring anti-racist organization continues, Freire Schools condemns this racist rhetoric and violence and stands in solidarity with our Asian and Pacific Islander staff, students, and families. We see the burden you carry of hearing about this violence, seeing it minimized or dismissed in our society, and experiencing racism directly. And we acknowledge that our own anti-racism work needs to be broader, to support all community members experiencing racism. We commit to act in our school communities to address racism in all its forms and work alongside our Freire Family members in this quest for justice.

It is important that our work for justice extends beyond our staff dialogue to our students as well. Leaders across the network have created student-facing materials to learn about these hate crimes and take personal steps to eradicate bullying and racism from our school communities.

We challenge all of us to support, collaborate, and act in support of our Asian and Pacific Islander community to bring justice to our schools, our communities, and our world.

Stay safe, stay connected, stand together.

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