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As the Mathematics Department at Frazee High School, we believe that all students have the ability to be successful. Today more than ever, mathematics is playing a key role in our rapidly changing, highly technological world. Mathematicians are partnering with scientists from other disciplines to solve countless pressing problems in medicine, ecology, economics, business, and social sciences. Through mathematics we can become problem solvers!

The courses we offer include Math 7, Linear Algebra, Algebra, Algebra II & Algebra II Concepts, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. We also offer two "College in the High School" courses: College Algebra - MATH 1114 & College Functions / Trigonometry - MATH 1115.

I can be reached at: 218-334-3181 ext. 5318 /

Classroom number: Room 318

Fundamental Purpose: High levels of learning for ALL!