Members pay an annual fee, renewed at the anniversary of joining.

There are three types of memberships available:

Active, Non-active and Casual.

Active Membership - $80 per year.

Active members are required to perform one desk duty per term (four times a year).

Non-active Membership - $140 per year.

This membership is for families that are unable to commit to desk duties.

Note: Both Active and Non-active members are required to take part in the compulsory fundraising once a year.

Casual Membership - $35.

Hire the usual five toys for two weeks.

Casual members are able to borrow up to four times per renewal. Membership expires after a year. Great for school holidays and grandparents!

Additional costs

Borrowing some specific toys incurs a small additional cost.

For example:

Toys valued $100 plus $2

How to join?

Please come with two forms of identification, one showing your present address.

Complete the membership form for your family and pay the fee.

Cash & EFTPOS Accepted.

Direct deposit account:


Please include “Toy Library” and your Membership Number as references.

Payment options are available.


Members can borrow up to five toys for a period of two weeks, including two red spot toys.