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ESS is an extended school services that allows students the opportunity to receive extra help after school through either tutoring or Compass Learning. ESS runs from 3:30-4:30 after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During this time students are welcome to stay for extra help from certified teachers, complete homework, work on remediation for assessments, use the internet and work on Compass Learning. In order to be eligible for ESS, students must receive a referral, for the day they are to attend ESS, from their teacher.

Upon dismissal, at the end of the day, all students will report to Mrs. Sadler's room, #113. Students will then be split up based on their needs to teachers who can best meet those needs. ESS will consist of one classroom for each of the 4 main content classes that students have at EMS.


During a student's time at ESS they are required to follow the school's code of conduct. Therefore any student who refuses to follow teacher directions or causes a disruption will receive consequences. On the first infraction, students will be moved from their location and receive a warning. After students are issued a warning and the behavior continues, students will be ineligible for ESS for 6 weeks. After that 6 weeks students are allowed to return as long as they follow expectations.

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is available for students who need a ride home. Students who ride the buses are expected to follow the directions of the bus driver and monitor at all times. Students who fail to do so will lose bus privileges upon having a report filed with the bus garage. After that students are still free to attend ESS, as long as they follow the school's code of conduct, however they will require transportation home. Please keep in mind that there is one bus for all ESS students to ride, therefore it may take a little longer than normal for all students to arrive at their stops.

ESS Sign In Form
2018-2019 ESS Teacher Referral Form

Logging in to compass Learning/Edgenuity

Username: Student ID Number

Password: Birthday 1/1/2005 01/01/2005 1/01/2005

All birthdays will include slashes with the four digit year of birth.

County: Franklin County

Compass Learning Link

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