PBIS Overview


What is PBIS?

PBIS stands for 'Positive Behavior Intervention Support' and is a nationally recognized, evidence-based approach to building a positive school climate that builds a continuum of supports for students to promote positive social behaviors.

ROAR Core Values

Walsh Middle School has developed this positive school climate and positive social norms through our core values of: Respect, Ownership, Acceptance, & Responsibility - ROAR. We have made lesson plans, booster lessons, and videos to implement our core values in our school. We have incorporated cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and custodians into the PBIS program as this is a school-wide initiative. The second phase of the PBIS program was the development our Recognition System. We wanted to recognize the positive actions students were taking to demonstrate our core values. Students received ROAR tickets when “caught in the act of doing good.” Lastly, we are all about creating positive moments and strengthening the relationship of the students to the school community. Moreover, we have found different ways for students to celebrate themselves and others.