Technology in our Community

The mission of the Farmington Public Schools is to enable all students to achieve academic excellence, exhibit persistent effort, and live as resourceful, inquiring, and contributing global citizens. This mission extends to the meaningful and appropriate use of digital tools. Farmington Public Schools believes that technology plays a major role in supporting the learning environment and creating opportunities for students to achieve in new and exciting ways. Our focus for the year has been on building good digital citizens. We have tried to assemble some key information, links, and resources for parents and students related to digital tools and philosophies.

What is digital citizenship?

Digital citizenship is the norms of appropriate, respectful, and responsible behavior regarding the use of technology. It encompasses the same set of expectations and outcomes we apply to interpersonal communication. For more information see our page on Digital Citizenship.

Common Sense Media is an excellent Source for parents, students and educators. Here are a few of our favorite links this month: