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What We Do Throughout The Year!

Twitter Chats

Our monthly Twitter chats are held on the last Tuesday of every month at both 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern. We use #ETCoaches.

It is the same set of questions both times, but we repeat the chat to accommodate schedules and time zones. Need a reminder? go to

Book Studies

We hold one-two book studies per year. We discuss the books on Twitter using a "slow chat" method, where only one question is posted per day, and you can respond at any time throughout the day to that question. Again, we use #ETCoaches to keep the conversations together. For information about the next book study, be sure you are signed up in the official PLN area.

Playground Webinar Series

After last year's conference, we started a new Playground Webinar Series, featuring a conference playground presentation from the ISTE Conference in June each month throughout the school year. Our hope is to extend the learning and connections beyond the conference and to connect those who cannot attend the conference in person, to coaches presentations. We will continue the Webinar Series this school year, after selecting Playground presentations from this year's Playground. To register go to:

Blogging Buddies

Blogging Buddies were inspired by Jennifer Hogan's "Compelled Blogger Tribe!"

Many ed tech coaches value blogging as a form of personal growth and reflection in their practice, but don’t always receive that online feedback in the form of comments from our coaching peers that we’re hoping for. So Blogging Buddies groups will be made up of about 5 ed tech coaches bloggers who come together to commit to posting on their blog at least once a month, read one another’s blogs, comment on one another’s blogs, and share the posts with their own networks. That’s it!

For more information and to sign up, visit this Blogging Buddies site:

Local Conference Meetup Kits

In an effort to bring more face to face interactions between ISTE ETC members, we put together a local meetup kit, so you can apply to present at your local/state edtech conferences. Before you apply for the meetup toolkit, make sure someone else hasn't already applied to present at your conference here:

To apply for the toolkit, fill out this form:

ISTE Standards Refresh Events

ISTE will be refreshing the current Administrator Standards this year. We will host an event to collect your feedback to provide to ISTE. For information about the ETC Refresh event, be sure you are signed up in the official PLN area.

Job Board

If you are thinking about relocating, please remember to take a look at our job postings site: and follow threads on ISTE Connect created by Pam Shoemaker who updates our jobs board. If you hear of job openings that could be added to the list, please contact Pam Shoemaker with information about the position so that she can add it to the list.

Ed Tech Coaches 2017 PLN Award Winner!

The Ed Tech Coaches Network is excited to announce that Leslie Fagin is the winner of the 2017 Ed Tech Coaches PLN Award. This award honors an individual whose work, artifacts, and recommendations most closely align with the ISTE standards for Coaches. Leslie enjoys sharing strategies with teachers and other coaches through presenting at regional and state educational technology conferences. Congratulations, Leslie!

Leslie is an Instructional Technology Coach for the Griffin-Spalding County School System in Georgia where she works with secondary school teachers on integrating technology tools. Leslie is a Google for Education Certified Trainer, a Google Certified Educator Level 2, and an Apple Teacher. Her most recent project was that of a co-author for #Edumatch: Snapshot in Education 16.

Follow Leslie's Blog here. Connect with Leslie on Twitter @MsFagin.

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