Fort Osage Technology

District Technology Mission Statement

The Fort Osage School District acknowledges the need to access, organize, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information. By incorporating technology as an essential component of a well-balanced learning environment, the Fort Osage School District will provide students, patrons, and staff hands-on opportunities to develop long term learning skills for successful living in a global community. The technology mission for the Fort Osage School District is to utilize technology, to facilitate learning, and to support the strategic goals of the district by:

1. Integrating the use of technology into the curriculum to enhance student learning and student performance.

2. Training teachers in the use of technology to support the delivery and application for instruction.

3. Integrating technology to be more effective with administrative functions and communications.

4. To provide necessary technological resources to facilitate student learning.

5. To provide technical support to maintain and enhance the use of technology within the district.

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