Library Policies and Philosophy

Library Visits

Students Grade Pre-K-Grade 5 visit the library once in every 6 day cycle. Students in Grades 3-6 may also visit the library at any time for book checkout as permitted by their teachers. Literature Appreciation, Media Literary and Research Skills are embedded in developmentally appropriate ways across all grade levels. Our library follows the International Literacy Association's Children's Rights to Read.

Library Schedule

  • Pre-K/Jr-K - small groups ongoing - Jr-K families should plan to return books each Monday
  • Sr-K - Day 4
  • Grades 1 & 2 - Days 2 and 3
  • Grade 3 - Day 6
  • Grade 4 - Day 1
  • Grade 5 - Day 4

Students follow the Forsyth Honor Code as it applies to Library time.

Be Honest - Let your grown up and the librarian know if you have lost or damaged a book.

Be Kind - Share book ideas, encourage all readers.

Be Respectful - Give your attention to the person reading or sharing. Be respectful of the author and illustrator who put their time and talent into the stories shared

Be Responsible - Take good care of library books. Keep them away from food and drinks and dogs. Return books when you are finished.

Be Fair - Take turns with books. If you want the same book as another child, find a fair way to decide.

Practice Good Sportsmanship - Don't brag about how easy a book is. Don't Yuck someone's Yum. Speak constructively about book choices and reading interests.

Library Checkout Limits and Return Expectations

The Library has a very generous renewal policy and students may accumulate a number of books - an informal alert system is used to remind students to return books.

  • Green Zone 1-3 books - no alert
  • Yellow Zone 4-7 books - verbal alert
  • Red Zone 8 or more - list sent home to help student and family search

Students know that if something is "not renewable" that means someone is waiting for that book and it should be returned immediately - they should not wait until the next library day.

Students know that they should return their books when they finish so that other children can enjoy them.

Books not returned at end of school year are declared lost.

Lost Book Charges

If a book is reported damaged or lost in the middle of the year, the librarian will bill the FACTS account at that time and replace the item in a timely manner.

In May, families will receive a list of outstanding items. They have until May 24, 2019 to return all items.

The librarian will complete a "shelf check" to ensure that remaining late books were not just shelved without being scanned.

Lost books will be charged to FACTS accounts on June 5, 2019. No Refunds will be issued for books returned after this time.