Penny Evans

Welcome to my page! This is going to be a great year!

Just a little about myself. I have been happily married for 24 years and the parent of 3 wonderful children: Josh, Jenna, and Paul. Paul is a Junior here at Forsan and the other two graduated from Forsan.

Communication is the key. I will post information here on my page but also the students will have access to their google classroom which will have more info. The google classroom can be opened on any computer/phone. We will be using google classroom to turn in assignments, take test, and keep track of assignments due. My conference time is 8:00-8:47. The best way to reach me is through email,

Grading System: I do not give grades--your student earns the grade. I expect students to do their very best on every assignment and for assignments to be turned in one time, therefore I do NOT give extra credit work.

50% Daily work (class work and homework)

40% Exams (test, projects, etc)

10% Participation (being prepared with supplies, student behavior, and completion grades)

I will drop the lowest Daily work for each 6 weeks.

I will bump a student’s grade (69,79,89) up one point only if the student has turned in all work on time and has not received any zeroes.

August 2019 Lesson Plans

Classroom behavior:

Students need to be prepared for class; homework, supplies, and a book to read.

Students will show respect for EVERYONE! You don’t have to agree to show respect.

Students will show respect for school property, teacher’s property, and fellow classmate’s property.

NO candy/gum in the room. You may bring a snack for activity period. (This only applies if you have me during activity period!)

Tardies: I will follow the school guidelines. See student handbook for more information.

Consequences: loss of points for weekly participation, removal from class (hallway), loss of choice seating, detention, office referral. These are not in any specific order. Teacher will assign at her discretion.

Reading Expectations

You will be expected to bring appropriate reading material every day to class. You will be required to read 2 hours each week. 50 minutes of this time will be done in class.

Ex. Comic books, cook books, or magazines. Do not ask me to use classroom time to return library books. You may ask to go check out a new book once you have read your current book.

Essay Expectations (If you have me for English)

We will be writing several essays this year. There will be plenty of time during class to complete a rough draft and final copy. If you do not finish during class time then it is homework. Unless other wise stated all final copies will be in student's BEST handwriting.