"The most beautiful places were not those where life was

planned in advance, but where there was space for it to unfold,

not in a vacuum but side by side, that is our task"

/ Gustav Magnusson, CEO For Elize

News: Book release!

June 2024: In a simple concept, Keynote Conversation engage with 100 inspiring urban thinkers worldwide, each interview distilled to a single spread page. This assembles into a unique urban planning Pecha Kucha festival within the pages of a book. Buy the book here or contact me for a talk.

News: Europe 40/40 winner

April 2024: Thrilled to announce that I've been honored with the 2023-2024 Europe 40under40® Award, celebrating the Best Emerging Young Architects & Designers in Europe! More info here

For Elize is an European architectural studio

For Elize is an European architectural studio based in Malmö and Copenhagen, specializing in comprehensive urban planning and site-specific community development and identity. We strive to partake in the creation of unique places where all stakeholders are enabled and feel a meaningful presence to place, life, and processes. We adapt collaborations and approaches to the specific expertise that each unique site, project and work culture demands.

Urban planning as "Making space for life to unfold"

By a listening approach we create urbanism centered on the planet, us as humans and our commons. This is a base that drives change by understanding both the collective community/society and the individual incentives. In short social-ecological-economical sustainability by understanding it as preconditions and drivers. Ultimately manifesting this as the physical world and present moment we all live in. "Urban planning as making space for life to unfold"


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Gustav Magnusson, Urbanist, FPR/MSA

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"Elize are my two daughters, 

it's a reminder that urbanism is 

about our future generations"

/Gustav Magnusson, CEO For Elize

Previous work by Gustav Magnusson

Trelleborg waterfront, SE

Parallel assignment, leading Team EGA, Ramböll and Lia Ghilardi in the design of the new master plan for the central water front development of Trelleborg, Sweden. 

Visioner i Norr, Luleå, SE

"11 teams consisting of some of Sweden's foremost architects, artists and designers were selected to sketch future living environments based on the municipalities' conditions and processes" Part of the New European Bauhaus initiative. The proposal

Kanalbyen, Fredericia, DK

Conversion of 21 ha of marine industrial land doubles the city center along the sea front. As part of KCAP in Rotterdam for Real Dania and Fredericia city.

Årstafältet, Stockholm, SE

International winner in open competiton as part of team Archi5 (EGA), Michel Desvigne and Elioth. The 50 ha structural plan creates a new district in Stockholm with a clear front towards a strengthened district park.

Gothenburg event area, SE

Preliminary study and development of strategies and alternative scenarios for political decisions. 30 ha planning for up to 1.1 million m2. Part of EGA together with Ramböll and Voodoo Ltd.

Centrala Lindholmen, Gbg, SE

Parallell competition for Lindholmen center in Gothenburg as part of EGA and Ramböll


An exhibition at Form & Design center in Malmö. Invited together with Erik Giudice, Jonas Nordgren and Lia Ghilardi on the theme of "Critical regionalism". We developed a contemporary wood timbered public pavillion that easily creates public gathering places in public spaces, much in the same way as temporary shipping containers do today.

Gullbergsvass, Gbg, SE

Conversion of 95 ha of industrial land next to Gothenburg Central Station to enable 1.5 million m2 urban development. Design of three alternative master plans with evaluation as a basis for decision prior to further planning. 2015. Part of Team EGA/Ramböll/Liljewall

Västerport, Varberg, SE

Conversion of 50 hectares of port area expands the central city towards the sea. Part of team EGA / Ramböll / Lia Ghilardi

Mälaräng, Sthlm, SE

Conversion of a motorway exit into a new walkable urban district creates 1000 new housing units. Upcycling of existing infrastructure. Part of EGA and TIP.

Nyhamnen, Malmö, SE

Urban renewal of 77 hectares of marine industrial area next to Malmö Central Station with a focus on interculture and variety. Coordinating the team of EGA / Ramböll / Ecosistema Urbano / Calluna / Lia Ghilardi

Keynote Conversations

The book Keynote Conversation gathers 100 urban experts, from head of urban planning in cities like Copenhagen, Toronto, Vienna, Melbourne, to professors of Harvard and LSE, to advisors of global mayors. Buy it here

Mikromiljöer, Malmö, Sweden

Leading a bottom-up urbanism approach in Västra Hamnen, Malmö. I engage with public space users to incorporate their feedback into simple graphics. These visuals facilitate discussions, place-making, and stakeholder influence.

Now is the new tomorrow, Sweden

Foresight work financed by Vinnova and Formas, where our small team uncover the future roles of the built environment. Who do we need to be today in order to reach the Global sustainability goals tomorrow?

 “Let us make our planning intentional.

People and the planet are not only consequences or goals.

They are the starting point! The intention.

The dream of ourselves is the seriousness

of taking our own presence seriously."

/ Gustav Magnusson, CEO For Elize


Gustav Magnusson, Urban Planner, FRP/MSA

 [gustav.magnusson(at)forelize.com ]