Learning & Innovative Technology Environment

Coming Soon!  LITE - Learning & Innovative Technology Environment.  Poster with Lightbulb Logo wrapped in words: Makerspace, collaborative workspace, IT Customer Care, Genius Bar, Instructional Support, Technology Training


The University Library and Fordham IT are pleased to announce the beginnings of a new learning commons on the lower level of the Walsh Family Library. This facility, the Learning and Innovation Technology Environment (LITE), will provide space and resources to foster collaboration, discovery, and creation among the entire Fordham community.

We plan to launch LITE in stages. Some of the services we hope to ultimately provide include: a Maker Space with tools and technologies for course related material production; collaborative and group work spaces; recording, editing, and podcasting booths; and much more - including a team to support all this.

More info soon!

Since we’re designing it with students like you in mind, we invite you to take a short, 4 minute survey to tell us what you’d like to do at LITE (Learning & Innovative Technology Environment).

Complete the survey and you’ll be entered to win one of several $25 Amazon gift cards.

  • make a large format print for your next science or art project?
  • record and edit a podcast?
  • pick up a snack and join friends in a collaborative study space?
  • like a place for your imagination to run wild?