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The Doby's Bridge Elementary Library currently serves a little over 700 students in grades K-5. The teacher-librarian sees 6 classes a day for 45- minute blocks of time. Mrs. Nestvogel is the only staff in the library. She has a Jr. Librarian program which consists of 1 fifth grade class exemplars per week joining her in the mornings from 7:05 - 7:55 to help shelve, pull books for teachers, deliver books and do anything else that is needed. Classes are based on the American Association of School Librarian standards. We do a lot of singing and dancing and reading and puppets in K -2 and lots of Research and Digital Citizenship and citations along with lots of Book Talks and reading in 3-5. Our library hosts, through our PTO, 2 Book Fairs a year - one in the Fall and one in the Spring. We also participate in One School, One Book, and the Battle of the Books program. Hopefully, Battle of the Books can resume as a school in the Spring and in the District by next Fall.

A table covered with items being sold at the Book Fair.

Fall Book Fair


The Fall Book Fair was so much fun! The children couldn't wait until their class could get there! We made over $16,000.00 and our goal is to make more in the Spring Book Fair.

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Spring Book Fair

Coming March 2022

The Library will host the Spring Book Fair in March! The children are already looking forward to it! Lots of newly published books and all the things the children love.

"Everyone is a reader...Some just haven't found their favorite book yet" ~Anonymous

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Thank you, Mrs. Shaffer for sharing your STEAM Makerspaces and the Google training site with us!!