Dragon Pride

Lindale is a small town built around a textile mill in NW Ga, about 7 miles south of Rome.

The Pepperell Dragon ("Victor E") was a trademark used by our Lindale Manufacturing Mill to differentiate our cloth from that of other mills. The largest purchaser of our denim was China so Pepperell Mill executives had to find a mascot that would be seen as powerful but not offend the Chinese buyers. IT'S NOT A GRIFFIN! The Dragon was a most precious symbol in China and ours was created in a way that it would be seen as distinctly American but "Chinese" enough to attract Asian buyers. The quality of the fabric Lindale Mill produced was so fine that the Red Dragon became synonymous with impeccable American quality.

"Midst the rolling hills of Dixie,

"Neath the sun-kissed sky,

Proudly stands our Alma Mater,

Our own Pepperell High.

Gold and White for thee we fight,

Our pledge is "Always True",

For your trust will e'er be with us

All the ages through.

Sons and daughters of old Georgia

Proud are we to be.

Grant, O God that we be worthy;

Hear our prayer to Thee!

Help and guide us, Lord provide us

Courage - Freedom - Light.

Lead our paths to worthy tasks,

Our Faith keep Honor Bright!

Pepperell High, we love thee dearly,

Loyal, strong and true.

With thy help we see more clearly

Useful life anew.

Hail our Dragons, hail to Pepperell;

You can never fail.

Onward, every marching forward,

Pepperell High - all Hail!