On July 26th, 2019, Floyd County Schools will be hosting the Floyd County Schools Kickoff Classic on the Model Campuses. It will be an all day professional development day that will have in-house and out of district speakers in a conference setting.

Before the Event

At the Event:

  • Be respectful of presenters and the facility
  • Leave No Trace. Please throw away your trash.
  • Enjoy the sessions! We have lots of extraordinary FCS educators presenting. Support them while they present.
  • Network with others! Grow your professional learning network (PLN) within FCS.
  • It is your responsibility to sign-in at every session
  • If a session is full, please have multiple backup sessions selected

After the Event

  • Fill out the FCS Kickoff Classic Feedback Form
  • Implement new strategies from the Kickoff


Barbara Smith,

Director of School Improvement and Professional Learning

Ryan White,

Instructional Technology Coordinator