"Destination Graduation for Every Child"

CMS is now working with a system called Georgia Career Information System, or GCIS. This program is very close to what we used to use (GACollege 411). This website allows students to start off by listing interest and rating activities so that they may explore careers that are close to the current activities they find interesting. They can explore many careers and even see how much they could make with certain degrees and where they may believe they will want to live when they grow up.

As an 8th grade student, they will be required to come up with an individual graduation plan (IGP). This allows the student to plan ahead on courses offered at the high school and pick out the required classes for them to graduate from Coosa High School. Basically, it is your child's ideal schedule for grades 9-12. This is not setting your child's schedule and does not ensure when a class will be taken; it is simply a tool for you and your child to see what is required and when they could take a course.

While I will be working with your child in school, we encourage that you check in and talk about future options with your child. To check it out, have your child log into PowerSchool and click on GaLDS on the left hand side. From there, click on their career path and they can look at career assessments, interest inventories, a reality check, and a personalized graduation plan.