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Welcome to Flight Test Prep Academy! Established in 2007 as Aviation Summer Camp, our family-run business has evolved into a premier flight school with a fleet of eight planes. Our modern aircraft lineup includes Cessna 172s, featuring both traditional 'round gauge' instrumentation and advanced G1000 avionics with a flight director. We also offer two 1982 Cessna 152s, one of which is an Aerobat model. Safety is our priority, which is why all our planes are equipped with added features such as ADSB In and ADSB Out.

Learning to fly an airplane is an exciting journey that combines ground school instruction with practical flight training. In our comprehensive ground school program, you'll receive classroom instruction covering the theory of flight, navigation, meteorology, and aircraft systems and procedures. This knowledge forms a solid foundation for your flight training, where you'll receive hands-on instruction from our certified flight instructors in real aircraft. Our instructors are FAA-certified, ensuring that you receive top-quality training that meets rigorous standards.

We understand that your time and financial investment are valuable. That's why our course curriculum is designed to optimize both. We integrate simulator training into our ground school, allowing you to practice and reinforce your skills before taking to the skies. This approach reduces the overall cost and time required to obtain your pilot's license. While others may require 70 or more hours of flight time, we aim to have you ready for certification with just 45-50 hours of flight training, well below the national average.

At Flight Test Prep Academy, we are dedicated to providing efficient, high-quality flight training that prepares you for success. Whether you're pursuing a career in aviation or fulfilling a lifelong dream of flying, our experienced instructors and state-of-the-art aircraft will guide you every step of the way. Join us and embark on an extraordinary journey towards becoming a skilled and confident pilot.

Get ready to spread your wings and soar with Flight Test Prep Academy – where dreams take flight!

Ground Schools

Additionally, we offer ground schools which cover the content for the private, instrument and commercial knowledge exams. Interested? Add your information on this form as well. START HERE. Our private pilot ground school runs continuously on Tuesday evenings. 

ASC Flight Camp (NEW)

Embark on an exhilarating adventure this summer at our thrilling flying summer camp! Designed for students with a passion for aviation, this camp offers an unforgettable experience filled with high-flying excitement. Participants will delve into the world of flight through ten hours of immersive simulator instruction, allowing them to master the fundamentals of piloting with precision and finesse. But the excitement doesn't stop there! With two hours of actual flight time, students will take to the skies, putting their newfound skills into practice. Guided by experienced instructors, they will learn all the private pilot flight maneuvers, following the FAA Airmen Certification Standards. From exhilarating steep turns that test their coordination to mastering the art of slow flight, stalls, and ground reference maneuvers, every moment will be a heart-pounding, adrenaline-filled adventure. And as they approach the runway for their landings, the sense of accomplishment and thrill will be unparalleled. Get ready to soar to new heights and ignite your passion for flying in this unforgettable summer camp experience! Contact us for details.  Approximately 10 hours of simulator time with instructor and two hours of flight time. $1500

ASC Solo Flight Camp (NEW)

Enroll today and let the skies become your classroom. ASC Solo Flight Camp offers an extraordinary opportunity to embark on an exhilarating aviation adventure. With approximately 20 hours of flight time, 20 hours of ground instruction, 40 hours of dedicated flight instructor time, and an additional 20 hours on flight simulators, our comprehensive program equips you with the skills and knowledge to soar to new heights.

At ASC Solo Flight Camp, our primary focus is on guiding you towards achieving significant milestones in your aviation journey. Throughout the program, you'll receive personalized guidance from our highly experienced and certified flight instructors. You'll develop the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently solo while completing the FAA knowledge exam. This achievement is a testament to your dedication and passion for aviation.

Don't miss this chance to turn your dreams into reality. Join ASC Solo Flight Camp and become part of a community that shares your enthusiasm for aviation. By enrolling in our program, you'll gain invaluable experience, personal growth, and a solid foundation for a successful aviation career.

Enroll today and let the skies become your classroom. Get ready to embark on an amazing aviation journey!

Estimated Total Cost: The total cost of the program will be provided upon inquiry. We are committed to making this exceptional opportunity accessible to all. Contact us today to discuss your goals and receive a personalized cost estimate tailored to your needs.

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Ground Schools

Private Pilot Ground School ($420)

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Instrument Ground School ($420)


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TBA Four 8 hour classes


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Monthly Simulator Rate $275 (Account set up - includes private pilot curriculum)

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