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Welcome to Flight Test Prep Academy, where we prioritize safety, responsibility, and effectiveness. Established in 2007 as Aviation Summer Camp, our family-run business has evolved into a premier flight school with a fleet of ten planes, including Cessna 172s with traditional and advanced instrumentation, and Cessna 152s, including an Aerobat model. Our commitment to safety is evident as all our planes are equipped with features like ADSB In and ADSB Out.

Learning to fly is an exciting journey that combines ground school instruction with practical flight training. Our comprehensive program covers theory, navigation, meteorology, and aircraft systems. Our FAA-certified instructors provide top-quality training.

We value your time and investment, so we integrate simulator training to reduce costs and time. Our goal is to prepare you for certification with just 45-50 hours of flight training, well below the national average.

At Flight Test Prep Academy, we're dedicated to providing efficient, high-quality flight training that prepares you for success in your aviation career or lifelong dream of flying. Join us on this extraordinary journey to become a skilled and confident pilot. Get ready to spread your wings and soar with us, where dreams take flight!

Ground Schools

Learning to fly starts with ground school. A solid ground school will help you reach your goal of being a pilot faster. We offer private, instrument and commercial knowledge courses. Our ground schools run continously and so you can start at any time. Call us or drop your information here -->START HERE

ASC Private Pilot Finish Up Program

So you've started your training and you have solo'd. Now it's time to finish the private pilot. This will include cross countries, instrument time, navigation, upset training, and any required experience for proficiency. 

 Requirements: 17, knowledge test complete, medical min third class. 

Academy Format


Call 562-424-7317

Ground Schools

Private Pilot Ground School ($420)

Classes every Saturday 2PM

Instrument Ground School 


Classes every Saturday 4PM

The Pilot Shop


Monthly Simulator Rate $275 (Account set up - includes private pilot curriculum)

New CFI Simulator Orientation $100

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