Meet the multiage teachers!

Kristi Hardy- Gilson

Kristi Hardy-Gilson is from the mid-coast area and attended Camden-Rockport High School. She lives in Lincolnville with her husband Douglas, and has two children, Jaclyn and Trajan.

Kristi joined CRES in 1991 and began working with families, administrators and colleagues to create the K-2 primary multiage program. After a 2-year program with the Midcoast-School Leadership Network Kristi pursued her graduate degree at UMO receiving a masters degree in educational leadership.


  • M.S. Educational Leadership, University of Maine Orono, 2006

  • B.S. Elementary Education, University of Maine Farmington, 1990


  • Sallie Mae First Year Teacher Award, Sallie Mae Foundation, 1992

Megan Sady

B.S. Elementary Education. Montana State University

M.S. Ed. Curriculum and Instructional Strategies. University of New England

I feel grateful to work in a community where I grew up. It has allowed me to extend our classroom projects to include various community members to deepen student understanding.

"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play."-Abraham Maslow

About the Multiage

For the Child:

Children can build relationships with the same teacher and classmates over a period of years.

Children help each other and learn from others on a daily basis in a sibling- like atmosphere.

Children can benefit from academic pacing of the curriculum over a three-year period.

Routines and expectations are familiar from one year to the next.

For the Teacher:

Know each child well and have a deeper understanding of the child’s strengths and needs.

Gain comprehensive knowledge of student abilities through ongoing assessment moving from year to year.

Familiarity with at least half of the children in the classroom each September.

Additional time to address the learning style and skill sets of each student.

An opportunity to create a cooperative, noncompetitive environment over a 3 year span.

Daily Schedule

7:40-8:00 Arrival/Breakfast/Snack

8:00-8:20 Morning Meeting


9:25-9:50- Recess

9:55-10:40 Centers

10:45-11:50 Lunch/Recess

11:55-12:55 Specials

12:55-1:15 Quiet Time Reading

1:15-2:15 Math Dismissal for students who are picked up daily

2:20 Dismissal for students being picked up by parent

2:30 Bus dismissal for students riding the bus

Contact Information

Kristi Hardy-Gilson


Ext. 1237

Megan Sady


Ext. 1233

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