La clase de espaÑol

Language, Culture, & Community

We can only make the world a better place if we are aware of what's beyond our front door & are willing to take action. Exploring language & culture is a means to opening that door, widening perspectives & growing a greater sense of place in our world community.

El Biblioburro, Colombia

El Santuario de la Mariposa Monarca, México

CARE for self, CARE for others, CARE for the planet

Reciclaje en Costa Rica


¡Soy Señora Speno! I founded the CRES elementary Spanish program in 1998 with the aim of providing students an opportunity to both explore language & culture, striving to fulfill the charge given me at the outset of expanding horizons, perspectives & understanding of the wider world. I am so proud of all my students-¡they are fenomenal!

Teaching in the traditional territory of the Wabanaki Confederacy


Below you will find some informative & useful links on language learning, social justice, and more. (coming soon)

Language Learning

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Taking Action

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Culture & Community

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