Welcome to 8th Grade!

Remote Snow Day Schedule

21-22 Daily Schedule 8th Grade

Remote Snow Day Details


You either have SPANISH (zoom) or the following 3 assignments:

1- Play! Go outside, get fresh air, play a game with your sibling.

2- Read a book!

3- Write an email to Mrs. Stone with an update about what you have done for XLs today and how your year is going! (short is fine)

All classes will start on Zoom - links are below

(Check Google Classroom if you are having trouble with zoom)

teacher zoom links


You can email any member of the student services team.

Student Services

Mission: To help all students reach their full potential educationally, socially, physically and emotionally by working with students, teachers, parents and the community

Student Services is here to help if you are having a problem that is creating difficulty for you at school.

Our student services team includes:

Tanya Young, School Counselor, , ext 2159

Gretchen Kuhn, School Nurse, , ext 2108

Amy Libby, School Social Worker, , ext 2157

Alex Amoroso, School Psychologist, , ext 2156

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