The Dory Program at Camden-Rockport Elementary School:

The Dory Program is designed as a developmentally appropriate experience with nature integrated into the themes. Featuring:

Children will have the opportunity to play on the playground, explore outdoor areas and go on in-school field trips to visit teachers, nurses and staff that they will be working with in kindergarten. 

The Dory Program 2023 begins August 7th!

Please bring: backpack, water bottle, extra clothes, towel, safe playground shoes, and wearing sunscreen & bug repellent. 

For those riding the bus: please be ready 10 minutes prior to the estimated pick-up time in the morning. Also, please be watching for the bus after 12PM for drop off. 

For parents/guardians dropping off/picking up: a teacher will meet you at the the first set of double doors in front of the school. 

Due to health and safety precautions, only teachers and children are allowed inside the building at this time. Parents/guardians are asked to say goodbyes at the pick-up and drop-off location.

Questions? Please Contact

Chris Walker-Spencer (

Kimberly Wickenden (

or call Camden-Rockport Elementary School at 207-236-7809

Week 1 Bug Mania

This first week our theme was Bug Mania. All together children played games, sang songs, and listened to stories. They worked in small groups to explore art, science, and literacy. We hope your child has been excited to share and talk about the various activities that they have done each day. 

Week 2 Seed Need

We had another amazingly fun-filled week learning together! This week our theme was Seed Need. Children read books about how plants grow, explored the school gardens, planted seeds, and created beautiful, seed-themed artwork to bring home and share with you! 

Week 3 Camping in Maine

Our theme this last week of the Dory Program was Camping in Maine. We read camping-themed books, made several trips out into the wooded areas on our school property, and used nature as a basis for many of our activities and learning games.