About Our School

The First Presbyterian Church Kindergarten is a tuition based, self-supporting, non-profit school responsible to the Session of Peachtree City First Presbyterian Church.

Our goal is to provide the best conditions possible to promote each child's psychological, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth; to also strengthen his capacity to establish healthy and meaningful relationships with children his own age; to find joy and satisfaction in creative work; to share; to respect himself and others; and to know God through Jesus, through His Church, and the world.

Our Programs

Group Living: Experimentation and exploration; sharing; self expression and development through drawing, painting, cutting and gluing.

Free Choice Time: Self development through dress-up, puzzles, manipulative, home living, play-dough, painting at the easel.

Physical Activity: Gross motor skills, general coordination, cooperative play and free expression.

Cultural Arts Events: Dancers, puppeteers, storytellers, musicians, and magicians.

Developmental Readiness: Rhyming words, reading pictures, recognition of likes and differences, concept of numbers, recognize alphabet and sounds, phonetic awareness, word attack skills and comprehension.

Learning Center: Free play, computer center, transportation center, blocks center, seasonal games.

Free Choice Time:The child has his own choice of an area in which to spend a portion of time for his own self-development.

Field Trips: Field trips may be taken to give the child first-hand information about his surroundings. Some of these include a farm, Legacy Theatre, nature trails, and walking trips.

Religious Education: Chapel & Classroom Bible Stories; Christian values in everyday experiences; prayer.

Routine: The routine of the child's day at school offers him stability and security.

Music: Children sing with their teachers, listen and sing along with CD’s and tapes, respond rhythmically to songs and play rhythm band instruments in the classroom. All children also attend special music classes once a week where they sing and interact with our music teacher.

Language Arts: Children’s literature, conversation, dramatization, poetry, storytelling, library.

Readiness Program: The program helps the child make an easy transition into Kindergarten and first grade work. He is taught left-to-right eye movement, eye-hand coordination, rhyming words, reading of pictures, and recognition of likes and differences in picture cards. The child is taught the concept of numbers 0 to 10, learning to recognize the alphabet by sight and sound, to spell and write his name, and recognize simple sight words. A comprehensive phonics program is introduced at the four-year-old level in which phonetic and word attack skills are emphasized.

Special Events: Thanksgiving feast, patriotic parade, Christmas sing-a-long, Spring program, Transportation Day, Be a Builder Day and Water Day.

Spanish: (for 4s and 5s) Simple words & phrases, counting, colors.

School Calendar: First Presbyterian Kindergarten observes the Fayette County Schools Calendar. We close anytime Fayette County Schools do because of bad weather.

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