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Our Vision:

“Be the leading financial advisory institution, constructed on the

pillars of trust, respect and value to our endeared clients”.

Our Mission:

“Provide valuable and timely financial advisory services to meet diverse client needs and

deliver superior services year over year”

Core Values


We act with integrity and prioritize our clients first, be customer-centric.

Strive for Excellence

We make extraordinary efforts, practice continuous improvement and stay flexible to adapt to diverse challenges.

Work in Unison to Achieve Mutual Goals

We show respect and humility to our clients. We believe in formulating a work environment that supports teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication.

Think for the long term

We engage in thoughtful decision making and believe that investment excellence drive our decisions in the interest of all stakeholders.

Foremost commitment to community mindedness

We support philanthropic services and encourage employee volunteerism for a robust and inclusive Pakistan.

Be independent and objective

Will remain privately owned, independent advisors to ensure that. we act in the best interest of our clients and employees at all times.

About Financial Investments Mart Private Limited

Financial Investments Mart Pvt. Ltd is a financial advisory platform providing professional wealth management services. We have Multipul expertise in the following domains: 

Why Financial Investment Mart Private Limited

Key Unique Selling Propositions

A platform that allows investors to access, invest and gain from various assets classes in Pakistan including but not limited to Mutual Funds, Equity, Fixed Income and Money Market investments through mutual funds, Real Estate and Alternative Investments. 

A competent and experienced advisory team that includes specialist for respective asset classes, allowing you to generate market beating returns. 

The ability to match investment solutions by exposure into multiple asset classes and shifting from one investment option to another (e.g. from Equity Market to Fixed income mutual) funds based on returns and liquidity preference Advisory service that keeps clients at the cornerstone of operations, delivering value by providing customized solutions tailored to meet diverse customer needs. 

Professional staff that will provide Door-to-Door structured and ready-made investment solutions, assistance.

 A thoroughly responsive and professional team, that caters to your needs on all seven days on the week through physical office space, social media and direct call communications.