School Safety and Security Information

The Fife school District is committed to provide a safe, respectful, and inclusive learning environment. We continually monitor and evaluate concerns regarding school safety. We have common expectations in all our schools to ensure that we are always vigilant and prepared for potential hazards.

All our schools are required to:

  • Plan and execute safety drills (must include at least, 1 shelter-in-place, 3 lockdown, 3 evacuation, 1 mapping, and 1 earthquake)
  • Limit the access points within the school by keeping most exterior doors locked.
  • Maintain and monitor standard emergency plans.
  • Communicate safety plans, procedures, and responsibilities to all staff.

A key element for school safety is prevention. In the recent years, we have decreased entrance and exit points in all schools. When school is in session, most exterior doors are locked and visitors should be directed to the main office.

Part of the funds from our recently passed bond will allow us to further increase our ability to monitor movement, limit school access and improve lockdowns when necessary. We will be able to add more cameras, change the traffic patterns, and add security features to lock doors more quickly.

District wide, we also respond to potential student issues by employing law enforcement and mental health professionals to assess possible threats. We are fortunate to have local officials who maintain school safety as a high priority. We continue to encourage students and community members to share concerns about threatening behaviors. We are all in this together and sharing information is a way to help prevent potential issues.

For Families

Keep current medical and emergency contact info up to date. You may access your information on Skyward Family Access or call your school to make sure information is correct.

When you visit a school, please sign in at the front office.

In an emergency, the district will inform the public as much as possible. Remember, the Fife School District acts as a First Responder and will communicate after an incident is secure. The district works with local authorities to ensure that accurate information is released when students/staff/community are safe and protected.