Graduation Requirements

The High School & Beyond Plan

Welcome to the Fife School District Career & College Readiness website. In grades 6-12,  students begin exploring career and college readiness options that include career inventory assessments, organizational success skills, and career and college research. Students focus on how to link learning to life. The lessons and activities students complete each year build on skills and knowledge preparing them for success. 

The High School and Beyond Plan is a state graduation requirement. The career and college readiness activities and lessons students completed each year culminate with a digital electronic portfolio their senior year.

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Career & College Readiness

Preparing students for Career, College, Community and Life 

What is the High School & Beyond Plan?

Culminating Outcome: A one year after high school graduation plan prepared for options in career, college, and life. 

The High School & Beyond Plan helps students gain knowledge and skills to plan current and future goals. Students revise their plan annually to accommodate changing interests, personalized pathway choices, and post-secondary goals on what they expect to do the year following high school graduation. Post-secondary aspirations may include pathways for application to four-year colleges or universities, two-year community or technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, industry standard certificate programs, military training, or on-the-job training and workforce entry.

High School and Beyond Plan state guidelines:

Fife School District has aligned grades 6-12 with the Washington State Career Guidance Themes & 21st Century Skills to prepare all students for Career and College Readiness. 

Washington State Career Guidance Themes

► Career and College Development

► Ownership of Learning 

► Transition Skills 

► Learning Techniques 

► Metacognitive Skills 

► Academic Eligibility/Academic Acceleration 

► High School and Beyond Plan 

► Financial Literacy

21st Century Skills

► Critical Thinking




Xello Electronic Career Portfolio

Students create a Career & College Readiness electronic portfolio using Xello that includes career readiness lessons, career interest surveys, personal goals, career and college research, financial aid applications, scholarships,  job descriptions, salary, occupational outlook and high school course planning. In grade 12, students present their High School and Beyond Plan.

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How Xello Works

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Lessons are integrated in the 6th and 7th grade Connections classes at SLMS.

Grade 6

Welcome to Middle School: Skills for Success

Xello Lesson: Career Interest Survey

Xello Lesson: Decision Making

Xello Lesson: School Subjects at Work

Xello Lesson: Interests

Xello Lesson: Time Management

Grade 7

Xello Lesson: Learning Styles

Xello Lesson: Discover Learning Pathways

Xello Lesson: Personality Styles

Xello Lesson: Biases and Career Choices

Xello Lesson: College Bound Scholarship

Middle School & Beyond Planning

Students start their High School & Beyond Plan lessons in 8th grade during their Family class.

Grade 8

Xello Lesson: Study Skills and Habits

Xello Lesson: Skills

Xello Lesson: Jobs and Employers

Xello Lesson: College Bound Scholarship

Xello Lesson: Explore Career Matches

High School & Beyond Planning (prior to registration)

Coug 102 Lessons - College Research Activity

Grade 9

Exploring Career & College Readiness - Health Class Presentation

Xello Lesson: Self-Advocacy

Xello Lesson: Transition to High School

Xello Lesson: Getting Experience

Xello Lesson: Exploring Career Factors

High School & Beyond Plan (revisit annually)

COUG 102 Lessons - Career Research

Xello Lesson: Building a Resume

Students are assigned to a small cohort group and teacher called their Family. Their Family class meets during the 40 minute FLEX time approximately twice a month. The Family teacher guides students through their 3 years at Fife High School and facilitates High School & Beyond Plan lessons. 

Grade 10

Xello Lesson: My Work Values 

Xello Lesson: Careers and Lifestyle Costs 

Xello Lesson: Workplace Skills and Attitudes

Xello Lesson: Program Prospects

High School & Beyond Plan (revisit annually)

Grade 11

Xello Lesson: Choosing a College

Xello Lesson: Career Demand

Xello Lessons: Paying for College

Xello Lesson: Entrepreneurial Skills

Xello Lesson: Work/Life Balance

Preparing for SAT/ACT College Testing

High School & Beyond Plan (revisit annually)

Grade 12

Xello Lesson: Career Path Choices

Xello Lesson: Defining Success

Xello Lesson: Career Backup Plans

Xello Lesson: Financial Aid Check-in

Xello Lesson: Job Interviews

High School & Beyond Graduation Project

Fife High School Student

I found the career and college research very helpful! It narrowed down if I wanted to stay in state or go out of state, what I wanted to look for in a college (diversity, enrollment, & class size) and what I saw in each college that could better my career! I didn’t know what I wanted to do at first so taking quizzes and determining my likes and dislikes helped see what I didn’t want to do so I could focus more and narrow down on what I did want to do.