Welcome to the Fife Public Schools

Educational Technology Department

Need technology help while school is closed for COVID-19?

Your options to request help with accessing Fife's online resources or with your student Chromebook:

  • Complete this online form and someone on the team will contact you (best option).
  • Call the district office at 253-517-1000 and leave a message with your contact information and a description of the problem.
  • Contact your student's teacher and they can submit a request for help.

We prefer to contact you via email but if we need to call you, the call may show as a restricted phone number or as caller-ID unavailable. That's because our team may be using their personal phones to call you and we want to respect their privacy.

Elementary Chromebook Checkout

As we increase learning opportunities during the COVID-19 school closure,we recognize that not all students have access to a web-enabled computer at home to support learning activities.

Also, some students may have access to a device but it may not be ideal. For example, a device may be shared with other family members or the device has limits of some kind.

To help with their learning activities, we are making Chromebooks available to elementary students for checkout by their families during this school closure time.

Initially, we offered one Chromebook per family but we are now ready to offer more than one to families with multiple elementary students.

To request one or more Chromebooks, please fill out this form (one form per family). We will contact you when and where to pick up the Chromebook.

The criteria for checking out a Chromebook are:

  • Must be a currently enrolled Fife Schools student in grades K-5.
  • A guardian will sign an agreement committing to return the Chromebook when requested and agreeing to pay for the cost of damage to the Chromebook or the loss of the Chromebook.

Thank you for your patience as we embark in this new adventure of remote learning. We are eager to help make learning as seamless as possible in these unusual times.

Low-cost Internet for Families

The Lifeline program is a federal program that allows companies to offer inexpensive phone and internet service. Find out more here.