Principal Bakke's Registration Message

Welcome to our Course Information and Registration website that includes our 1st Virtual Curriculum Fair for the 2021-2022 school year. Please review the video on weighted grades and the College Starts Here website below for details on our opportunities to advance via college-level courses at Fife High School. We are proud of the rigor Fife High School offers our students to be career and college ready. This information will be important during course registration in March.

Family Class

Family is an opportunity for students to be placed into advisory groups that will stay consistent throughout their time at Fife High School. Students work on their High School & Beyond Plan that is required for graduation in their Family class as well as SEL activities that help them understand what it means to be a Fife Trojan. Family is graded and required for full-time students. Grades will go on a student's transcript and add to the total number of credits a student can earn.

Checkout the Course Syllabus Here

Stay with your friends, build your resume with FHS opportunities, get support from your FHS teachers while earning college credit at FHS! Check out the Advanced Placement, CWU College in the High School, and CTE Dual Credit courses at Fife High School to earn college credit. Go to the College Starts Here website to learn more and see the list of eligible FHS courses.

Fife High School uses an internal weighted GPA for FHS honors and awards. Students can earn a higher internal GPA by taking honors, AP, and CWU in the High School courses. Head to the website below to learn more about weighted grades and checkout FHS Course Catalog to learn more about honors and awards.