Welcome Kindermice!

Room 112

Welcome to Kindergarten!

My name is Valli Chadwick (Valli is short for Valentine - I am the 27th one in my family). I have taught kindergarten at Discovery Primary School since 2014 and I have taught 1st grade for 10 years. I have two beautiful children of my own - Haley and Ben and a wonderful husband - Dan. I love my family, living in Edgewood, reading, gardening, craft projects, art, and being a teacher!

My philosophy of education is rooted in positive reinforcement in a safe and welcoming environment. I believe each child is unique and deserves to learn in a style that best meets their needs. In addition, students should be challenged to reach their potential with high expectations. I work hard to create a classroom family that is inclusive and supports academic risk taking, group participation, and independent practice. My deepest desire is to instill in your child a love of school and life-time learning. I feel privileged to be your child's kindergarten teacher!