Maria C. Valdes, PHD

John Caldwell Meeker Postdoctoral Fellow


Research Focus:

Stable isotope geochemistry and cosmochemistry, meteorites, lunar evolution


Fondation Wiener-Anspach Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Cambridge, UK)

PhD. Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)

A.M. Earth and Planetary Sciences (Washington University in St. Louis)

B.Sc. Geophysical Sciences (University of Chicago)

Selected Publications

Valdes, M. C., Debaille, V., Berger, J., and Armytage, R. M. G. (2019). The effects of high- temperature fractional crystallization on calcium isotopic composition. Chemical Geology 509, 77-91.

Kato, C., Moynier, F., Valdes, M.C., Dhaliwal, J.K., Day, J.M.D. (2015). Extensive volatile loss during formation and differentiation of the Moon from Zn isotopes in crustal rocks. Nature Communications 6, Article 7617.

Valdes, M. C., Foriel, J., Moreira, M.A., and Moynier, F. (2014). The nature of Earth’s building blocks as revealed by calcium isotopes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 394, 135-145.