Equipo Clark Nunez

Updates and announcements

  • Friday, December 7th is a half day for students. School will dismiss at 11:55 am.
  • Our hallway will be going to Fredrick Meijer Gardens to explore and discuss the holiday's through the lenses of many different cultures. Permission slips went home last week. Please make sure you have signed and your student has returned the slip by December 7th at the latest. If you volunteered to chaperone (yay!) please make sure you also included your $6 cover. Thank you!
  • Junior Great Books is dynamic, parent-led discussion of some fantastic children's literature. This program starts in early February and sign-ups are due before winter break to allow for planning and preparation. More information went home in backpacks today.
  • With the onset of snow, please be sure your child comes to school prepared to spend their recess outside. It is a school requirement that they wear a coat and long pants when going out to recess. Additionally, please make sure they have proper snow gear-without snowpants and boots they are confined to paved areas of the playground.

Classroom Happenings

Here we will update you on upcoming goals and ideas that we will be discussing in class during the week.

  • Lengua: We will continue with personal narratives. We will be working on how writers edit their stories by rereading their stories several times for different purposes. We will finish our draft and do our final copies. Final copies are due Friday.
  • ELA: This week we will discuss strategies for making our writing more interesting, such as a "show don't tell" and identifying them in the stories we are reading.
  • Math: This week we will continue our Unit 3 work. Unit 3 focuses on fractional concepts, as well as adding and subtracting fractions. This week we will be focusing on subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators and then move on to work with "fraction of" problems.
  • Science: We will continue our Life Science unit. We explore the process of photosynthesis and discuss how it relates to our previous discussions on food chains and webs.
  • Social Studies:The Explorer project is due on Monday. We will continue working on Routes of exploration to the New World. We will be learning about the different explorers.