Carson Middle School

Eagles don't just survive. We THRIVE!

Carson Middle School values partnerships - students, teachers, families, and community experts!

A Community of Partnerships


Students, families, and visitors help shape and improve the culture of teaching and learning at CMS.  

Students, families, and community members are engaged and welcomed as valued partners in student learning. 

School and community partner to enhance learning opportunities, social/emotional health, and well-being of students. 

Gold Crown Partnership


Families and Community Members as Valued Partners

Military Ball 


Sources of Strength Color Run

Family Thrive Nights

Family Self-Care Thrive Nights are organized by the CMS Mental Health team in partnership with outreach organizations and mental health providers both on Fort Carson Military Installation and the greater Colorado Springs Community. Hosting community providers at our school not only helps students and families access additional supports, but more importantly, takes away the stigma that can accompany seeking help from others. Family Self-Care Thrive Nights are an important way Eagles move from surviving to THRIVING!

Guest Speakers, Role Models and World Class Partnerships

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Carson Middle School Community Celebrations

From Soldiers to Students - Bikes on Base

Having a school on a military installation brings endless possibilities to enhances and support both traditional learning experiences and the holistic development of Carson Middle School students. Our families had yet another opportunity to realize the service capacity of the US Army this fall when Weifield Group, Volunteers of America Colorado, and III Corps Retention shipped, assembled, and distributed 50 high-quality bicycles to raffle winners from our Meet the Teacher Night. Not captured in the picture is the beauty of altruism and trust as soldiers connect with kids as health and wellness become more accessible through partnerships. 

Veterans Day Celebration

Carson Open Space 

In conjunction with The DPW Environmental Division Wildlife Program at Fort Carson, our STEM students are transforming shared land into a dynamic, multipurpose outdoor learning space. Students have used design principles and 3D printers to plan and propose ideas that will be built in Introduction to Construction courses for the benefit of future students at CMS. Currently, park benches and bird houses from previous dot this inviting landscape allow students from sciences classes to conduct nature observations.  Best of all, the open space has been adopted by our 6th grade social studies classes as a clean up project as they learn about the impact of landscape and jet streams on litter distribution. 

Learning Beyond the Walls!

In District 8, we are fortunate to have abundant opportunities to get our students to the places where exciting learning culminates. Through Interactive Civics, Carson students have explored global politics and Civil Rights at the US Olympic Museum, experienced the waste water to drinking water engineering marvel with Colorado Springs Utilities, unique behind-the-scenes exhibits at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, a trip to the El Paso County Courthouse along with a tour of the Pioneer Museum. These experiences rely upon community partnerships to enhance learning, and to place students into a mental framework that knowledge does not have walls.