OUR PURPOSE is to create a strong link between purpose and performance in the district. Researchers make a distinction in two types of high purpose organizations. The first, "high camaraderie," describes the feeling among personnel in an organization sensing that they are doing something great, TOGETHER. The second type of purpose, "high clarity," includes leadership within an organization. Leaders with this focus excel at translating purpose into action. A statistically significant performance bump can only result within organizations that have 'purpose clarity.'

OUR VISION is to empower every student to thrive as a responsible, productive, and engaged citizen by inspiring life-long learning, civic engagement, and challenging and supporting every student to achieve his/her fullest potential by embracing the diversity of both the local and global community.

Theory of Action for Accountability

OUR VALUES serve as the foundation for decision-making and integrate into each of the District Priorities to chart a clear focus and vision:


Ensure academic and behavioral growth and achievement

Create safe and supportive learning environments

Implement rigorous curriculum and instruction

Honor diversity in the learning environment

Enrich learning through strategic use of technology

Enhance teacher effectiveness


Develop skills for the whole child

Maintain multiple career pathways

Explore internships and service learning opportunities

Expect high attendance rates of students and staff


Serve others through collaboration and partnerships

Ensure transparency

Maintain fiscal accountability

Advocate at the local, state, and national levels

Develop effective communication systems