What is Ferocious Fighters?

Ferocious Fighters is an ALL volunteer non-profit (501c3) out of Colorado, USA.

Ferocious Fighters began as the passion project of a young Patrick Boland. CRPS entered Patrick's life when he was 8 years old and he was diagnosed just after his 9th birthday in 2012. By the age of 10, he had become determined to create a non-profit to send care packages to kids around the US with CRPS so they would know that they were not alone.

Watching Patrick's passion, his family and community responded, and Patrick and his mom, Meg Boland (President of Ferocious Fighters), raised the money and successfully filed for non-profit status and Ferocious Fighters became an official non-profit on November 4, 2014, just days after Patrick's 11th birthday.

In the beginning, Ferocious Fighters sent care packages to CRPS kids who were nominated to receive one and while these care packages remain one of the major programs supported by Ferocious Fighters, our mission and programs have expanded over the last 4 years. These days, OUR MISSION is to create community and support for families of young people with CRPS all around the world.

Families of children with CRPS can find much more than just a care package when they join Ferocious Fighters. Our current programs include:

  • Welcome Packages for all qualifying, nominated young people
  • Online support available for CRPS kids, tweens, teens, and young adults
  • Online support for parents and caretakers - both general and location specific
  • Online support for siblings
  • Encouragement mailings throughout the year
  • Care Packages (our original program continues on!)
  • Sponsored local meet ups and events across the US and the world

Who qualifies for membership at Ferocious Fighters?

Any young person (0-21 years old) with a CRPS/RSD/RND/AMPS diagnosis qualifies for membership at Ferocious Fighters.

How do you join?

To join Ferocious Fighters and be eligible for membership in online support and all other programs all you have to do is sign up your Ferocious Fighter here.

Is this only for families in the United States?

No! World wide nominations are accepted although some products may have to be adjusted due to customs requirements of various countries. As of 2018 we currently have Ferocious Fighters in 12 countries around the world.