What Goes Into The Care Packages?

Ferocious Fighters Welcome Package!

This package goes out shortly after a kiddo joins Ferocious Fighters. This little welcome package is designed to let them know they aren't alone and give them some orange to wear to remind them that they aren't fighting alone! The Welcome Package includes:

  • A Ferocious Fighters Welcome letter from Patrick
  • Encouragement postcards
  • Orange themed scarf
  • A Ferocious Fighters CRPS Awareness Band

The Official Ferocious Fighters Care Package!

This package is sent out to our Ferocious Fighters as soon as we can, but how fast that happens depends on our fundraising. The Official Ferocious Fighters Care Package includes:

  • Personalized letter from Patrick
  • Encouragement Cards/postcards signed by our volunteers and local FF kiddos/families
  • A Ferocious Fighters journal
  • An "Attitude is Everything" Ferocious Fighters Bumper Sticker
  • A handmade rice warming bag
  • A hand crocheted hat
  • A Ferocious Fighters T-Shirt
  • A handmade awareness ribbon keychain
  • 3 Ferocious Fighters CRPS Awareness Bands
  • A Flame/Orange Fleece Tie Blanket