The George Mason Alumni Association (GMAA) was organized in 1988 to support activities associated with the 40th Anniversary of Falls Church Public Schools (FCCPS). In 2018, several alumni joined together to revitalize the organization. Their hope is that GMAA will continue to grow as the primary means of connecting, locating, informing, and supporting the more than 7,000 alumni, alumni teachers and administrators of George Mason High School (GMHS), located in the City of Falls Church, Virginia.

  • The GMAA is run by a volunteer committee that includes class representatives from each George Mason graduating class. School employees support the effort.
  • The Mustang Review was published through 2011. The new Mustang Review eNews will begin publishing soon.
  • GMAA organizes the GMAA All-Class Reunion. The first reunion (June 1999) coincided with the 50th Anniversary of FCCPS and the 300th Tricentennial Celebration of the founding of the settlement of Falls Church. Our next class All-Class Reunion weekend is planned for June 20-21, 2020.
  • GMAA partners with the George Mason Athletic Department and the George Mason Athletic Boosters, on the GM Athletic Hall of Fame to honor and recognize the rich history of GMHS athletics.
  • GMAA also helps to facilitate individual GMHS class reunions.
  • GMAA creates connections among alumni, current GMHS students and community members to continue to build a strong organization.

George Mason High School Alumni Association Planning Committee

Judy Fischer White, Class of 1961

Robbie Werth, Class of 1970

Tom Clinton, Class of 1983

Katie Clinton, Class of 1985

Andrea Caumont, Class of 1997

Lauren Lauer, Class of 2000

Will Stewart, Class of 2007

Kevin Clark, GMHS Assistant Principal

Steve Knight, GMHS Technology Specialist

Marybeth Connelly, FCCPS Community Outreach Director

June 20-21, 2020

For information and to get involved in the planning committee, contact Judy Fischer White.